Luis Munoz

Software Engineer, Web developer

NSW - Australia


Brief Description.

 Web Developer, Software Developer,Computer and System Engineer.

Software Projects

Currently working in the Superannuation Industry(Funds Administrator) at Pillar Administration - Australia as a Web Developer, c#, 1.1, 2.0, 4.0, javascript,css, xml soap web services


BBVA Continental Bank (Bracing Intermedia). very good experience in IBM Mainframe environment

Altamira Arquitecture, Use of Cobol, JCL, CTM, CICS, DB2

Deposit, Withdraws, Special Bank Operations, Batch Programs Maintenance.


BBVA Pensiones Latin America (Gesfor Chile S.A.). Pension Funds Software Project. A very good overseas experience

Altamira Arquitecture, Use of Cobol, JCL, CTM, CICS, DB2.

Implementation of Benefit Module for AFP Horizonte Pension BBVA Company.


Bantra .- Del Trabajo Bank.  A very good experience. VB6 / Cobol for online and batch programs.

Telemarketing, Credits , Deposit, Withdraws, Money Electronic Transfer.


Camposol  ;  Agro industrial Company in Peru . A challenge experience.....

Harvest Control Software , Irrigation and Fertilization, Inventory Control, Agriculture Machines Maintenance , Use of workers per Agriculture Activities, Forecast of Production and Material Resource Planning.

Disease and Pest Control using a Patter Map Based Approach. Email Alerts.

Green Peru.- an Agricultural Company

Harvest Control Software, Inventory Software.

Load Container Software using Genetic Algorithms


Swimming, Snorkelling, Tennis, Scuba Diving


The Weekender

Troubleshoot a high cpu usage in a windows application - - Feb 2011

Interested in challeging software projects


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